All Boss Fights in Godstrike | Doom and Freedom Endings

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There are 10 bosses in the game and 2 different endings to get. The trigger point for both endings happens when you’re fighting the final boss (Garodal). In his 3rd phase, he’ll become Talaal and will slowly make his way around a circular area. When he reaches 3/4 of the way around, Garodal’s emblem will flash on the screen, triggering the Doom ending. Defeat Garodal from there to get it. Defeat Talaal before he reaches 3/4 of the way to get the Freedom ending.

Tutoriaal: 00:00
Khalepo: 03:44
Drakhul: 06:38
Mobus: 10:02
Duhm: 12:35
Ylaudit: 15:25
Nuraanag: 18:34
Sentiel: 21:45
Cindeal: 25:42
Garodal (Doom Ending): 29:20
Garodal (Freedom Ending): 33:55

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