Godstrike – Steam Demo gameplay (No Commentary)

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Godstrike is out now on Steam!

Godstrike is developed by OverPowered Team & Published by Freedom Games
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1 thought on “Godstrike – Steam Demo gameplay (No Commentary)”

  1. So I played the demo of this game back in February this year (2021).
    And by the gods this game is soooooo hard. It's very challenging with a very interesting mechanic.
    Where your health is also your limiter & timer.

    Equips a lot of spells = lesser time = lesser health
    Got hit by the boss = lesser health = lesser time
    And even just by doing nothing in the fight, time will obviously passes by, which means in this game that you also losing health by the seconds.
    Luckily, getting your health/timer to 0 doesn't mean instant death, so there's still a chance for a clutch, albeit very slim.

    I am terrible at this game (obviously if you watch) but I still highly recommends this game for anyone looking for a very challenging game.
    It is out on steam now, link in the description!


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